Underrated Action Movies On Netflix You Need to See

Underrated Action Movies On Netflix You Need to See

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Please Note: Movie availability on Netflix is subject to change and differs from country to country.

Unlike other genres, action movies don't need to be filled with nuanced performances or a watertight plot. If anything, those things just get in the way of the face-punching. All a good action movie needs is a sky-high bullet budget, some flippy kicks, and kerosene burning through its veins from start to finish. Fortunately, Netflix is jammed full of underrated action movies. If you'd rather see bruised chins than Oscar wins, this action movie roundup will be right up your alley...

Skin Trade | 0:27
Savage Dog | 1:01
Bullet to the Head | 1:44
Boyka: Undisputed | 2:10
Small Soldiers | 2:36
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow | 3:16
Officer Downe | 3:55
Fighting | 4:26
Death Sentence | 4:56

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