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  • Best Selling Tech Gifts in 2017 - Techies Gift Guide

    …because technology is ever changing and, let’s face it, who can keep up?  Whether you’re looking for the highest rated tech gifts this season or just need a nudge in the right direct, we’ve researched some of the best selling and most popular tech gifts that will be on everyones list this 2017.  Shop our must-have’s for this year.


    1.  The Best Selling Fitbit for 2017: New Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker – Buy It Here


    Because now he can track workouts, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and steps. Plus, monitor how long and how well you’ve been sleeping (YES!) and can even receive texts and calls at a glance when you’re on the move. Oh, and did we mention the battery life last for 7 days?!


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  • The Best Scenes from Happy Gilmore

    The second best golf movie behind, Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore starts out on the ice where Happy goes from hockey player to golfer.  One of the funniest sports movies of all time!

    1.  That wasn’t very nice…


    2.  ‘Till the Night Closes In!


    3.  No, I Don’t Hate You.


    4.  Hey Mister, You Need a Helmet…


    5.  Don’t Worry About It. It is Made of Wood – Real Strong!


    6.  It’s All in the Hips.


    7.  It is About Time…


    8.  Doing The Bull Dance…Feeling The Flow…Working It…Working It.


    9.  Just Go Home! Why Don’t You Just Go Home?


    10.  The Price is Wrong Bitch…


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  • The Best Scenes From The Hangover

    Four guys go on a bachelor party to Las Vegas.  What could possible go wrong?  In this case pretty much everything goes wrong and they barely make it back in time for the wedding.  Here are the very best quotes from The Hangover:

    1.  The Wolfpack


    2.  The Actual Hangover!


    3.  Doug is Not in The Trunk…


    4.  Getting Tasered Is Not Fun.


    5.  Here’s Your Car – Officers…


    6.  The Moment That You Realize That You Lost a Tooth.


    7.  Who Let The Dogs Out?


    8.  Not At the Table Carlos.


    9.  Congratulations Stu – You Got Married!


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  • The 12 Best Quotes From Caddyshack

    Caddyshack is the best golf movie of all time; not that there is a lot of competition in the genre.  Either way it has left us the joy of some amazingly timeless quotes.  Plus only good things come from a movie with Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield. Here are the 12 best quotes from Caddyshack:

    1.  So I got that going for me.  Which is Nice.


    2.  Well…we’re waiting.


    3.  I was born to lick your face.


    4.  Cannonball!!!


    5.  It’s no big deal.


    6.  You’ll Get Nothing And Like It!


    7.  Spalding!!!!


    8.  Cinderella Story…


    9.  Why That Son Of A Bitch.


    10.  Pool or a Pond?


    11. Don’t tell them you are Jewish Wang.


    12. You buy a hat like this, I bet you get a free bowl of soup.


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